Introducing babytunes
The nightlight lullaby app

Bobos babytunes is a nightlight lullaby app that enables parents to create their very own lullabies using in-app melodies, sensory sound FX, animations and more.

Record your very own lullaby

Use our in-app recorder to capture bedtime stories or messages for your little ones to listen to, driftng off to dreamland to the familiar and soothing sound of your voice.

Mix and Match

Mix and match in-app animations, melodies, sensory SFX to create personalised bedtime sensory environments

Animations & Nightlights

Choose from 9 beautiful animations and 7 nightlights

Instrumental lullabies

Select from 12 soothing instrumental lullabies

Sensory SFX

Pick from 12 carefully selected sensory sound effects

Blackout & Sensory Mode

Enable high-contrast sensory or blackout modes

Record your own voice

Capture bedtime stores or personal lullabies

Timer control

Easily enable our in-app auto shutdown timer

Watch our video

Watch this short video to see how babytunes works.

Get the app now

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